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Minecraft Plugin


  PlayerOptions It is a plugin that gives players options to configure some features in the lobby. This plugin has been tested in version 1.10

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ReferralSystem is a plugin which allows players to invite others to gain an certain reward, this plugin is made to increase the popularity of your server.

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SuperCredits It is a plugin that allows users to create a special, original currency and 100% personalisable for your server. This plugin has been tested in version 1.10 FEATURES Multiple commands. Easy to use Shop GUI. Customizable Shop GUI. All customizable messages. Reloads the configuration and messages with a single command.. MySQL storage. SQLite storage. […]

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It is a plugin for your Hub/Lobby, that allows you to customize many features of the light server lobby powerful and free for all.

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SuperStats is a plugin that collects data from different plugins on different servers to a database, and then is displayed in a menu on any server with a menu.

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