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PixelLogin is a security plugin that implements a double layer of security through a PIN code to ensure that the user is actually using their account.

It implements a user registration system that allows people to have an account to enter the server, preventing other players from using their username without their permission. Prevent people who are not connected from doing things like placing blocks, moving, writing commands or viewing the current player’s inventory.

Add the automatic session start for players with premium account and also add an extra security system by pin code with a menu for staff members or for all users.


  • Prevent spoofing by non-premium players.
  • UUID-fix and Skin-fix for premium users.
  • Cracked players using a premium name can not connect to the server, unless you register an administrator.
  • Redirect cracked players don’t using premium username to a specified server (Optional).
  • All passwords are encrypted (MD5, SHA256, SHA512).
  • Professional support.
  • Powerful optimization.
  • Simple and Fast.
  • Double security layer with pin code (Optional).
  • Fully configurable.
  • MySQL Database.
  • Shows tablist head icons for premium players.
  • Locking player who has not logged on.
  • Message titles.
  • Autologin for premium players.
  • Installation on the BungeeCord server (Required) and Spigot servers simultaneously to increase security (Optional).
  • Limit the maximum number of accounts that can be registered with an ip.
  • Use session so that non-premium users do not have to log in again.
  • Bossbar messages
  • BossBar Native without dependencies.
  • Actionbar messages.
  • Secure bukkit message plugin channel with password.
  • It only allows people entering through the proxy to join the server.
  • Captcha anti-bot system.
  • And more!



Servidor MundoPixels



Commands Permisos Info
/register pixellogin.player.register To register on the server.
/login pixellogin.player.login To register on the server.
/unregister pixellogin.player.unregister To delete the user’s account.
/changepassword pixellogin.player.changepassword To change the user’s password.
/pin pixellogin.player.pin To place the pin code in the GUI menu.
/pixellogin register <playername> <password> pixellogin.admin.register Register a player’s account.
/pixellogin unregister <playername> pixellogin.admin.unregister Delete a player’s account.
/pixellogin accounts <playername> pixellogin.admin.accounts Look at the list of registered player accounts.
/pixellogin info <playername> pixellogin.admin.info View a player’s account details.
/pixellogin premium <playername> pixellogin.admin.premium Change a player’s account to premium.
/pixellogin cracked <playername> pixellogin.admin.cracked Change a player’s account to cracked.
/pixellogin help – ? pixellogin.admin To see the list of available commands.


Permissions Info
pixellogin.player.register To use the /register command on the server.
pixellogin.player.login To use the /login command on the server.
pixellogin.player.unregister To use the /unregister command on the server.
pixellogin.player.changepassword To use the /changepassword command on the server.
pixellogin.player.pin To use the /pin command on the server.
pixellogin.admin To use administrative commands.
pixellogin.admin.register To use the /pixellogin register administrative command.
pixellogin.admin.unregister To use the /pixellogin unregister administrative command.
pixellogin.admin.accounts To use the /pixellogin accounts administrative command.
pixellogin.admin.info To use the /pixellogin info administrative command.
pixellogin.admin.premium To use the /pixellogin premium administrative command.
pixellogin.admin.cracked To use the /pixellogin cracked administrative command.
pixellogin.staff To detect the staff members, when the login with pin code is placed for the staff.



  • Copy the JAR file in the directory of plugins on your server BungeeCord.
  • Set ‘ip_forward’ to ‘true’ in ‘config.yml’ in BungeeCord server.
  • Configure port firewalls on your server to prevent ingress from other servers.
  • Restart the server to install.
  • Enter the MySQL information in the ‘config.yml’ file of PixelLogin on the BungeeCord server.
  • Install the plugin on all your servers to enable titles, bossbar, actionbar, pin, effects and improve security at the Spigot level on all servers.
    • Copy the JAR file to the plugin directory of all your servers (Spigot).
    • Restart all servers to install.
    • Set up the database on all spigot servers.
  • And enjoy the plugin!.